I hope I wont get bashed, because I would like to talk about "not" WoM.

All I read here sounds fantastic, and I am really looking forward to finally lay my hands on WoM. But anyways what can I play in the meantime?
I would like to build a list of games that are similar to MoM, or a
list of other "strategic turn based games with a fantasy background". Both current, or older...

I would like to start with:
( I would also like to add a personal rating)

- MoM (obviously) - the ultimate
- AoW (Age of wonders) - not my game it felt "slow"
- Warlords II - simple, but I like to get back to it
- Heroes of Might and Magic III - better than all the other Homams IMHO, played it A LOT
- King's Bounty: different Versions, similar to HoMAM - nice game, in the end a bit long winded
- Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes - the newest of the Lot - only reason to power up Windows on my Mac, good game!
- Etherlords (II) - liked it, since it introduced TCG like battles!

Not played:
- Warlock: Master of the Arcane (I bought it, but have not played it yet)
- Masters of the Broken World (found it with google, havent played it - anyone?)
- Disciples I-III (haven't played 'em - anyone?)
- Fantasy Wars (haven't played 'em - anyone?)