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Thread: Other titles "similar" to MoM while waiting?

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    Endless Rain,
    One thing really unique about Battle of Wesnoth is it's high probability / uncertainty whether a hit happens in battles.
    Even a sharpshooter is only 80% of capable to hit a target not to say other units.

    It is something the Devs hold firm and set in their design philosophy. You may either love it or hate it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Endless Rain View Post
    I only like GalCiv 2 better because you get to choose how many factions there are at the beginning. In Alpha Centauri there are always seven factions, including yourself. I also can't run AC's expansion on my main computer, so I have to use an old laptop to play it, which is kind of annoying. If both of these problems were fixed, I would like AC better.

    If there are any good non-fantasy Turn-Based Strategy games not on my list, I would like to hear about them. I like fantasy TBS games only slightly better than Sci-Fi ones, and prefer both to historical games (Especially ones that focus more on historical accuracy than balance or good gameplay). I don't like RTS games nearly as much as turn based ones, mostly because I find base building tiring.

    p.s. why do you never use capital letters, jamoecw?
    sci fi TBS games:
    xcom series (the older ones, not the new one: enemy unknown)
    hearts of iron series(technically an rts, but plays like a tbs)
    panzer general 2 (haven't played the first, and the 3rd is a little off)
    call to power 2 (the first was a civ clone that had some interesting things, but ultimately failed, the second is better)

    non sci fi:
    celtic tales (old game, very good for its time, kinda like fantasy, but not quite)
    romance of the three kingdoms series (was made for consoles by koei, some made it to PCs and english)
    genghis khan 2 (an old koei game for consoles)
    lords of the realm 2 (old game with poor real time battles, light years ahead of its time, lords of the realm 3 was crap)
    temple of elemental evil (actually a turn based rpg)
    jagged alliance 2 (a turn based tactics game with a light duty 'world' map)

    those are some of the better ones. they each feel a bit different from each other, and nearly all are pretty old, and lack decent modern remakes, except for maybe lords of the realm 2 (the remake for it would be rome: total war, but it isn't quite the same). call to power 2 is there mainly because you seem to like 4x, and it is different than civ or AC.

    as for the non capitols, it is an evolution from back when the net was smaller. most people don't like to read stuff, they are too impatient, so if you throw out a big wall of text they will skip over what you wrote and you don't have to deal with them flaming you because they weren't careful about what they read. most of the old flame wars were single sided, you had some put out a well written post that was quite detailed, then someone impatient would skim it and then start arguing with them with disagreeing with them, and of course making nonsensical arguments and being very angry. people that just put up big walls of text didn't have to deal with such stuff nearly as often, either that is no longer the case, or it works great even today (as i don't have to deal with flamers hardly at all).
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    I believe you meant Celtic Legends(not celtic tales).
    Thats one of my favorite games of old times i was playing on my commodore Amiga computer back then.
    Its basically the game the Heroes of Might and Magic series did get a lot of ideas from.
    I am able to still play it via amiga emulator on my current pc.

    I did play like a dozen or so campaings in Battle of Wesnoth.
    Its a fun game and it does have quite some depth.
    The most important thing for me with this game though is, that you can finish a campaign map in just 1 or 2 hours usually.
    That makes it the perfect game if you only have just a bit of spare time.

    Warlords is the game where it all started for me.Very good game at its time.
    Warlords 2 and to a lesser extend Warlords 3 are great as well.
    I believe Warlords 2 is the game i played the most out of all games out there....i probably put in even more hours than into MoM...because i would play lots of really big Multiplayer games.

    HoMM series is a must have for fantasy tbs players.
    HoMM 3 is the best...personally i do like HoMM 5 a lot as well...but its nearly impossible to play it in Multiplayer.

    Cave Wars is another old game i played quite a bit.
    IIRC it featured lots of different underground levels and quite a lot of different races.Played it MP with a friend.

    Age of Wonders I and Age of Wonders 2 Shadow Magic are among my all time favorite games as well.The most exciting MP game i ever played via Play by email was an AOW 1 game.
    I am really looking forward to play AOW 3...which is currently being developed as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Muttala View Post
    Endless Rain,
    One thing really unique about Battle of Wesnoth is it's high probability / uncertainty whether a hit happens in battles.
    Even a sharpshooter is only 80% of capable to hit a target not to say other units.

    It is something the Devs hold firm and set in their design philosophy. You may either love it or hate it.
    The devs also insist they tested the rng and the AI does not hit more than your units do. But there are many users who disagree, myself included.

    Some of the scenarios are designed so there is no tolerance for not hitting at 100% with your units that have 70% or more to-hit. And since you carry over your veteran unit from scenario to scenario within the campaign, losing a veteran unit to missing with 3 high to-hit units in a row is devastating. (The speed with which you complete scenarios also affects your rewards.)

    All of these reasons are why I said some of the campaigns are balanced (meaning some are not). But, having said that, there are many campaigns to download. The game is fun when the correct campaigns are played.

    To be fair, I haven't played for years, so maybe the older campaigns I don't like have been tweaked??? I did, however, check the wiki last year and the units have not changed since I played, other than new ones being added.

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    mardagg -

    celtic tales balor of the evil eye

    ampoliros - the scenarios have been tweak most likely, over the past few years i have played through all of the core campaigns and sometimes the way i want to do things results in a really hard battle, changing how i do things is almost always the solution. that being said they designed it so that low number of attacks means more hit and miss, and RNG is not random (they use saved seeds, but that is besides the point) given the physics behind RNG every system will have a slightly different array of probable numbers, sometimes changing with the code used. but all in all i'd say that the skirmish maps is where you should judge the game, the campaign are fun, but too heavily scripted for me to consider them good enough to fit on my list, just look at HoMM, Eador, and FW. those three are good examples of fun games that are lacking in the strategy department despite being called strategy games, the reason is that there is a 'right' formula to success which has nothing to do with countering fluid situations. in eador depending on shard size depends on whether or not you rush spearmen, barbarians, or bandits, and you should always wait a turn before buying your hero to avoid the slight upkeep while you wait for the ability to have an army. from there either you pretty much have won or lost the game, or if the shard is big enough requires another rather limited choice of buildings to build. in FW if you try to bait a tough enemy into giving up a strong position so you can destroy him fast and move quickly through the opening to sack a undefended city, odds are some scripted event that adds troops to defend the city or ambush you, or maybe you've already lost because at the beginning of battle you chose a flexible upgrade for your troop instead a rather narrow bonus to a situation that probably won't happen but did. HoMM does a little of both of these, pretty much you can tell if a game is made this way if a poor offensive automatically leads to defeat, instead of allowing you to withdraw, regroup, and defend, which if successful would allow you to capitalize and go on the offensive again due to the same material loss that you suffered in the first place. having different methods to go offensive or defensive gives depth and makes things more interesting mechanically, as things ramp up in difficulty balance tends to become more of an issue and you lose the ability to successfully utilize different methods if they lack balance in overall effectiveness (not all methods have work all of the time, but all need to work some of the time, and not 'at least some of the time' if you catch my drift).

    i'm not saying that you have to like BfW, or that you shouldn't like FW, HoMM, or eador just that they are completely different games. in fact just as strategy has been split into rts and turn based, turn based should be split into puzzle like and asymmetrical (or some other name), as they emphasize completely different things.

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    There are so many good TBS out there to be played which mostly never get great attention.
    Besides the ones already mentioned (like Warlords series, HOMM series, AoW series, Civ & Co.) I will mention some really nice pearls which got little to no attention:

    - Battle Academy (Slitherine Games): TBS wargame settled in WW2 but less complex as the Panzer Generals series and real 3D graphic engine. Indeed worth a look at!

    - Panzer Corps and Addons: indeed a 1:1 remake of Panzer General, worth every cent!

    - Highborn (via Steam): settled in a fantasy middle age scenario and with alot of humor this little TBS pearl brings your brain at its maximum capacity!

    - Fallout Tactics: though it has not the deepness as the RPGs from the series, the tactic title only concentrates on the battles itself including vehicles to use and a party to control. Deep strategy title which is quite difficult to master!

    - Space Ranger 2: Dominators: a fantastic genre mix including RTS, TBS and classic video action game with a wide variety of choices. Really really good game which was sadly never heard much from!

    coming soon "Battle Worlds: Kronos": I´m a kickstarter baker here too and am able to play the alpha already. It´s a great TBS game quite similar to the Battle Isle series or Advance Wars. Will be a great game and released at the end of the year. Put it in your "must-buy" list!!!
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    Age of Wonders and Lords of Magic are my two favorites.

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    Warlock and several other games are the Weekly Humble Bundle for a few days if anyone's interested.

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    4x space games:
    space empires series (space empires 4 is the first commercial release, space empires 5 has real time battles)
    armada 2526 (think 4x light, a simplified MoO clone)

    tactical turn based games:
    silent storm (like jagged alliance, but better graphics with less content and worse balance)
    frozen synapse (like jagged alliance, but worse graphics and less content and choice, uses simultaneous real time turns)
    laser squad nemesis (mainly multiplayer only, simultaneous real time turns, good asymmetry and choices/tactical options, no longer supported)

    thanks for the heads up on the humble bundle sale.

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    Thanks for letting me know about the humble bundle sale. I wish I could get the 48 game bundle, but I can't afford it at the moment.

    I've bought the Heroes of Might and Magic bundle off of GoG. I tried playing 1, but the campaign was pretty hard, so I switched to Chronicles since I heard it was designed for new players. So far, this is going to be one of my favorite strategy games, unless the AI gets too difficult. Any suggestions for which game to play after Heroes Chronicles? Keep in mind that I am not very good at strategy games, though I am pretty good at tactical battles.

    I've also started playing a game of MoO 2, and it is going well so far. My build is Omniscient, Creative, +50% population growth, +2 Research, Repulsive, -20 ground combat and -20 ship defense. I'm playing on a large galaxy with 8 players, at the lowest difficulty. The game is still in the early stages, and no wars have started yet.
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