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Thread: High Men name discussion

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    I don't think the race vs species thing is a real date.

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    Also consider that the halflings, dwarves, orcs, etc might have once been fully 'human' in the lore and through chaos/magic/tragedy/serendipity (depending on point of view) become altered slightly and become another race. They might still think of themselves as 'men.' Thus, to an in-universe resident of the original human stock, they might see the need to distinguish between the "high men" and the other 'degenerate' races/nationalities.

    There may not even be racism involved. Indeed it could even be very egalitarian. They might all consider each other 'men' and of equal value. So then here I am, the city watchman, wanting to cry out and alert everyone about the 'army of men' [as distinct from Draconians] approaching our city. An in-universe listener may request that I clarify whether we about to be overrun by paladins or pegasi. Since it's a bunch of guys on horses with shiny shields, I'd reply that the army looks like it's composed mostly of 'High Men' with what look like children from a distance so must be 'halflings.'
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