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Thread: Hermetic Path

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    Quote Originally Posted by kilobug View Post
    But I like the idea of lowering the wizard's casting skill. It would more like several weaker drawbacks (lowered wizard's casting skill, increased upkeep for units in the field (outside cities), ...) but not the huge "production halved" one, which seems way too crippling. On the long run, lowering production means you can't produce universities/sage guilds/... and therefore that you have lower research. Maybe just halving production of units, but not of building ? Or a lower penalty to production ?
    Which is why I like only the production/research trade-off. If a spell does more than just the one trade-off, there's too many things to consider and the spell likely will not get used.

    I don't think 50% production for 200% research is a bad trade. I _do_ _not_ want my offense hampered while I'm doing this, however.

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    I like the productiom/research trade off a lot. Like the defensive bonus too, especially for the capital city. I hate the idea of penalizing offense.

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    This one is interesting. I'm going to give it a think and come back to it.

    Why Water?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
    This one is interesting. I'm going to give it a think and come back to it.

    Why Water?
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