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Thread: Destroy Minerals

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    Destroy Minerals

    Name: Destroy Minerals
    Circles: Earth, Destruction
    Description: Permanently destroys a mineral deposit. Can only be cast on own lands.

    Somehow I skipped this one. I think it's too dangerous, too permanent, and not all that useful. Unless of course there's a spell that will create minerals. However, as we discussed before that's equally dangerous to put in as a mechanic. Now, terraforming spells may coincidentally create or destroy mineral resources, but that's very different from begin certain you can destroy or create a resource. At least that's my opinion
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    We could have an alternative spell that "disables" a mineral in ennemy land (can be cast in any land not covered by fog of war, to make some use of scouting units), but as an enchantment (so with upkeep and that can be dispelled). "Hide minerals" or something like that.

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    -1 for this spell. Hide Minerals or something would be more acceptable.

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    Yeah it should be something that either hides it or make it impossible to use unless dispelled.

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    "Permanently" is too much, I think. In general, I don't like to lose important resources like that, and I usually dislike games with quickly exhaustible resources, because it forces you to constantly repeat the same processes over and over and only increases the need for micromanagement. So something that could be dispelled would be better, if you don't leave it out completely.

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