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Thread: Poll: One or Two per day

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    Poll: One or Two per day

    Quote Originally Posted by ampoliros View Post
    Aaron, just let me know when you want to take over introducing new spells.
    Quote Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
    ampoliros, you're doing a fine job. You can keep it up as far as I'm concerned. I may throw in a few new ones as well, but you are seriously saving me time.
    Since Aaron has officially put me in charge of introducing new spells for discussion I'd like to ask my fellow backers if they want one or two spells per category each day. (I seem to recollect Aaron accelerating to 2 at one point.)

    Until this poll expires we'll continue with one.

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    One per day has been working very well IMO. If we get down to crunch time and need to increase our rate we can. Doing one per day gives plenty of space for discussion to happen.
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    I'm up for two. Most of the spells in the last week or so haven't had that much in the way of debate. Unless we start seeing a bottleneck, two seems doable.

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    Two a day sounds good to me.

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