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Thread: Summon Energy Beast

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    Summon Energy Beast

    Name: Summon Energy Beast
    Circles: ? / Summoning
    Description: Summons a creature that consumes energy, both positive and negative. It can use a breath attack that causes either. Any damage it deals to a unit (only living or undead, constructs not included), it also gains as temporary HP (up to half its max hitpoints, only half damage dealt by attack). Use of breath weapon also uses up some temporary HP.

    This is a super complex creature which I'm sure in pen & paper is quite doable. I'm not sure this is a good fit for WoM.
    Also, what Element Circle would a positive/negative creature fall into?

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    I like the "drain lifes + spend hp to power abilities" concept, but I would more see that in a pure Death creature, not much in a Positive/Negative hybrid.

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    Mechanicaly, it sounds like a dragon. Or maybe a drake. I don't think we need two spells occupying that same design space without a good reason IMO.
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    -1 for this creature.

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    Yea, I think this one is a little too "out there". It's an interesting concept, but could be a coding headache, lol.
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    I should have mentioned that if no one jumps up to champion this in the next few days it's out.
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    It's been chopped...
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