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Hrrrmn. Valid point, although any weapon with a long haft used for slashing is going to have a similar problem. Thumping your haft into a wing isn't going to be as bad as a spearpoint, of course, but it's still not going to be conducive to steady flight. Meanwhile, the spear phalanx or pike block... just isn't going to work in the three-dimensional aerial battlefield as well as it does on the ground.

What we might need to be looking at is using a relatively light armament for fighting air-to-air - sword and light shield, for instance. For attacking ground-infantry, a yo-yo type weapon could be employed.

Alternatively, a light, relatively short polearm could work, probably with a light cutting blade (I'd be more inclined towards glaive-style than voulge-style - I know weapons are often lighter than most people expect them to be, but when attached to even a 6-foot pole, there's a lot of momentum - minimising that is probably going to be an advantage in flight), a spear point for stabbing down at a target below you, and a hook for the possibility of pulling your target off balance in flight.
That's how I would envision it too. But also to say, a race that flies would adapt their fighting style to accomodate their wings, so slashing them with two weapons or with a polearm is not a real concern in my book.