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Thread: Thinking out of the box for spells...

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    Thinking out of the box for spells...

    When I played Master of Magic back in the golden days of the 90s, I wanted to see some representation of my character, me as a Master Sorcerer, on the battle field. I have playerd the old MoM v 1.31 several times to get ready for WoM, and this thought came back to me - I as a Master of Magic am no where to be found.

    I do not know what iterations have since been published in other games, but I think an Avatar of sorts would be good to have as a spell. Obviously there are issues with having your physical self actually in battle, because you do not want to risk losing the game in one fight, and you would be limited to just your Wizard Tower city.

    So an Avatar spell might be nice. The Avatar would essentially be the physical power representation of your Sorcerer's magical self (tip of the hat to Morpheus). The strength of the Avatar would be on a sliding scale, depending not just on how much magic power you put in the spell, but also on how many spell books you have. If your Avatar were defeated, this would have some negative feedback on your spell casting ability for that turn, or maybe for a number of turns depending on how much of yourself as a Sorcerer you put into the spell.

    Spell: AVATAR
    Circle: Mentalist + other most dominant circle [or this could be a spell usable by any Circles, and limited onlyu by rarity]
    type: combat
    Spell cost: 1 unit (whatever this would be) for every Circle of magic you know. Therefore a Sorcerer who knows just a couple Spheres is more focused and would be easier for such a caster to summon their Avatar, while a well rounded Sorcerer who knows many Circles would need much more magic. The more units devoted to the spell, the more intensely present and powerful the Avatar is.
    Effect: Summons a power manifestation of yourself as a Master Sorcerer in any combat. usable once a turn (or only once every so many turns if a powerful Avatar were summoned). The appearance and powers of the Avatar are dictated by the Circles known by the caster.

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    have you tried age of wonders series? i played only last age of wonders shadow magic, her you have such repreentation but i guess its almost wortless or unimportant aspect of game since mage have low range to cast spell (its either 5 square on strategic map so you can or cant cast spells in battle unlike MoM) unless wizard is in city with wizard tower (cant cast spells in range of all owned cities with tower, range depend on level of tower, in range of capturable strategic map structure, and in square adjected to hero), and if avatar is finaly killed he i think he just reappears in city with tower no expensive spell mastery spell, if no city with tower then i think its game over.

    there is avatar in elemental and its continuation fallen sorcerres, but dont remember mechanic that set them appart from ordinary heroes.

    if anyone played dominions 3: awakening, does it count (but i guess not)? very diffrent mechanics of battle and kind of strategic map, players make pretender who wont to be god and choose shape (titan, kraken, lich, dragon, statue/fountaine, demon prince,...), magic paths (possible with some kind to have none, also give effect to bless spells for blessable targets), strength of dominion (streanght of spreading and effects of province) and when is it available for use (from start, and about 1 or 3 years (about 12 turns i think is years) later), can be by setting points of become to master of type of magic and cast spell which need great skill ("heroes" lead armies and can cast global spells with enough skill from scrying province to attacking with disease/fire/undead sudently rising or literary puting second sun in sky but usualy need artefacts) to being as example four armed giant with full set of magical items able to litterary go alone in battle against 1000 units and win (impossible here at least becouse rule dont allow such number of units except imaginary if one units is actualy group) oh, and if pretender dies and is not "immortal" (heal affliction like lost hand/eye/lame gained in battle and reappear harmlessly in capital if die in own domain unless capital is conquered, vampires for example have this tag) priest can pray so he returns in capital but lose one from every magic path (4 element, astral, dead, nature, blood) if he have any point

    so really, will presence of such avatar be noticed and be cared? so what if he's on map if he is every time only in capital or other city as bar back from from front lines as possible and only seen when last player's city is attacked and so wizard have to be shown on map?

    on other hand being able to somewhat easly move from city to city without using from mom high level nature spell that move entire wizard's palace/tower/something to reduce somewhat cost of spell if range is implemented as in mom could be usefull (but before mentioned spell become pointless of course).

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